webb school minecraft club
est. 2013

Mission 1

Escape from Everest
Start Date: 8 Oct 2013

Size: 17mb
Author(s): Joel Levin
Version: 0.11
MinecraftEdu version: 0.9849

Players must discover what has happened to the Earth after being asleep for 200 years. They must work together to balance environmental concerns with the demands of technological progress.

Players wake up in a bunker beneath the summit of Mt. Everest, which they soon discover is the only spot of dry land left on the planet. The ice caps have melted and raised sea levels, devastating all life on the planet. Players learn that they have multiple goals. First, they must "re-green" the earth, but cultivating new trees on the surface. They also must produce large amounts of iron in order to build a Signal Rocket and contact other humans who are living in space. However, these goals are in conflict. There is no coal in the world to smelt the iron, thus they must cut down and use some of the very trees they are trying to grow to burn as fuel.

This sets up a social and technological tension which must be navigated. A balance must be negotiated.

There are also several side goals and hidden chests to find. There are activities for many types of players and multiple ways to contribute...     


 President Andrew Wright
 Vice President Dayton Hasty
 Advisor Thomas Simmons

Viktor Carden
Aysha Dean
Cybil Eko-Isenalumhe
Omo Eko-Isenalumhe
Sonny Gowani
Andrew Harper
Oliver Hutchens
Kyle Hutchings
Alexis McKnight
Seth Miller
JJ Thephavong
Will Watson
Cole Zuckowsky
Bess Zumwalt
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